The Solar and Magnetospheric Theory group is based within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of St Andrews. Members of our research group are involved in many different areas of theoretical solar and magnetospheric research, as well as data analysis. We are a large group of applied mathematicians who study the Sun and the Earth’s magnetosphere using mathematical modelling techniques. Observational data from satellites and from ground based observatories are often used to constrain our models and improve the validity of our results. Click here to see a list of our recent publications.

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  • PDRA Vacancy
    The SMTG has just advertised for a PDRA in solar and/or magnetospheric theory (application deadline 19 June 2023). The post is funded by STFC for…
  • Welcome to Daniel Johnson
    Welcome to our new STFC-funded PDRA Daniel Johnson, who joined the group to work with Ineke De Moortel and Alan Hood on coronal heating problems.
  • Welcome to our new PhD students
    The SMTG welcomes our new PhD students Sophie Boswell (Supervisor Thomas Neukirch), Jonah Klowss (Supervisor Duncan Mackay) and Anmol Kumar (Supervisor Ineke De Moortel).
    Our group has a vacancy for a Research Fellow in coronal heating. See the Vacancies page for more information.
  • Farewell to Vasilis Archontis
    After 16 years as a member of our research group, Vasilis Archontis is leaving St Andrews to take up a post as Professor of Astrophysics…
  • Congratulations prof. Ineke de moortel
    Congratulations to Professor Ineke De Moortel who has been awarded the Royal Astronomical Society 2021 Chapman medal for her seminal work on the nature of…
  • A fond farewell
    Farewell to Solar and Magnetospheric Theory Group postdoc Petros Syntelis. Petros came to the School in 2016 after completing his PhD at the University of…

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