The Solar and Magnetospheric Theory Group has had continued success in supporting fellowship applications, and many of its current staff members have been fellowship holders in the past.

If you are interested in applying for a fellowship hosted by the Solar and Magnetospheric Theory Group, please contact Professor Thomas Neukirch or the academic staff member closest to your research area to discuss options and application procedures.

Apart from possible application deadlines by the funder, many fellowships are demand-managed by our School and the University and there may thus be internal deadlines and selection processes as well. There may also be eligibility criteria that applicants have to satisfy to be able to apply. It is therefore advisable to contact us well in advance of any deadlines.

A non-exhaustive list of availabe fellowships is provided below:

STFC ERF Information:

STFC ERF applications are subject to a comptetitive internal selection process, because departments are allocated a quota by STFC. We can usually support 1 STFC ERF application per year. The internal deadline for this year is 31 July 2023 (the STFC deadline for applications is 21 September 2023, 16:00 hours UK time).

If you are interested in applying for an ERF with the STMG as your host research group, you should submit by email to Prof T Neukirch:

  • a CV (including a full publication list),
  • a draft research proposal (about one A4 page; please consult the STFC ERF website for more information of what you might wnat to include), and
  • a brief statement about how your research would fit within the SMTG research areas.

We are looking for timely and compelling research projects, either within the main research areas of the SMTG or complementing these synergistically, as well as evidence of leadership potential.

Royal Society University Research Fellowships (URFs) and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships (DHFs)

The Royal Society URFs usually have an early- to mid-September deadline, whereas the deadline for the DHFs tends to be a bit later (for exact information, see here). We would encourage anybody interested in submitting an application with the SMTG as host to contact us as early as possible to see whether an application would be supported at School and University level.

Other Fellowships

Please contact us as well in advance of any deadlines by the funders to make sure that you do not miss any internal deadlines due to demand management at School and University level.